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Posted on 07-22-2017


With such a long list of causes, lower back pain is one of the leading reasons why many people find themselves in a doctor’s office at some point in their life. In addition, it is also the most commonly treated condition with prescriptions for powerful, addictive pain relievers. Fortunately, a new study has surfaced proving that spinal manipulations are an effective substitute, providing the same amount of relief for lower back pain when compared to prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. The promising research concluded that of the 26 documented cases, over 1,700 patients were alleviated from lower back pain after receiving spinal manipulations.

           As opposed to professional chiropractic care, pain relievers pose a slew of high risks for a person’s overall well-being. It has been proven that NSAIDs- or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs- promote side effects that lead to serious heart conditions. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration emphasizes that a patient’s risk of heart attack or stroke is raised by at least one-third while on high dosages of NSAIDs. Aside from heart complications, anti-inflammatory medication can also threaten kidney function. Even when it comes to short-term use, the chances of kidney damage and disease are both heightened. Abruptly stopping NSAID usage also has its risks. Since these drugs are known to thin the blood, a complete stoppage would lead to a higher risk of blood clots forming.

           Pursuing spinal manipulations is the best way to avoid the plethora of negatives that over-the-counter pain medications contain. This common practice that is conducted by professional chiropractors consists of physically repositioning and stimulating components of the lower back that, when disturbed, can cause mild to severe pain. Some techniques in the chiropractor’s repertoire include hands-on muscles massage and subtle repositioning of spinal discs. While it’s not known exactly which method is best, patients have reported a quick return to daily activities after experiencing their trials in spinal manipulation.

    At Connetquot Chiropractic, PC, Dr. James Lambert and our dedicated staff have been practicing safe and effective chiropractic solutions such as spinal manipulations and servicing communities surrounding our Ronkonkoma, NY location for years. Don’t delay your return to living a healthy lifestyle, call our office to schedule an appointment today.



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