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Posted on 04-23-2018


Ligaments are the cords of connective tissue that attach one body part to another. The main importance of ligaments is to support and stabilize the joints that are being used during activity.  However, there are certain hereditary or injury-triggered conditions the can cause ligament laxity. Ligament laxity refers to the looseness of the ligaments surrounding the joints.  This can create great difficulty in completing activities such as walking, running, or lifting objects.  Here at Connetquot Chiropractic, we offer ligament laxity testing in Suffolk County and can properly diagnose your condition.

Ligament Laxity Testing

In most cases, ligament laxity is caused by a hereditary trait, but it may also stem from other incidents, such as car accidents or sports-related injuries.  It is important to notice the warning signs for the condition and to meet with a chiropractor for help. Some symptoms include:

- Back issues

- Abnormal joint movement

  - Sprained ankles

- Frequency of joint injury

These symptoms can cause great joint damage, including chronic body pain and bone dislocation.  Our ligament laxity testing in Suffolk County is the first step towards fixing this issue. With our program, you will receive a thorough diagnosis by our trained specialists as well as proper treatments for your specific level of severity.

How to Strengthen Ligaments


Strengthening ligaments are very important, especially for those who are active in sports.  When strengthening ligaments, it is important to keep your body moving. Remaining in one fixed position for longer than 20 minutes can cause what is known as “ligaments creep.” This term refers to the elongated time that a ligament is exposed to constant stress.  Make reminders to change positions, and plan to have 10 to 20 minute breaks to stretch and strengthen your muscles throughout your day.

When exercising, use restraints to improve the strength of the ligaments and joints. Include several joint exercises such as squats, push-ups, pull-ups, and lunges with moderate resistance. For the best effect, complete them in sets up to 12 repetitions.

If you are experiencing chronic body pain and are not sure why, our ligament laxity testing in Suffolk County can help! For more information regarding our service, contact us today.   


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